Three Wishes

Three Wishes comic
[[Regular looking black guy with afro with genie who has incredible pants.]] Man: I wish for the awesomest pants in the world. [[Presto Chango]] [[Man now wearing genie's pants looking down at them.]] Man: I only wish I could pull this look off. [[Man looks awesome like MC Hammer]] [[Man walking away]] Genie: Hold up. You get another wish. [[Man peacocking pants, open hands displaying pants.]] Man: Do I look like a guy who needs more wishes?

5/18/11 2:16AM

At this point, we might as well call our site “Jokes about Pants, Cheese, and Poop.” With the subtitle, “rarely at the same time.” We should at least use it for a brutally honest advertisement or something.

Once upon a time, Will cut off a blog post in favor of us making it a comic. This was that comic. Now, you have nothing to look forward to.

Lastly, if you think we stole the final punch from a rather popular comic, you just might be right. But if we did, we did it subconsciously, so it’s at worst, what, third-degree intellectual property theft. Go ahead! Call us out on it. Depending on my mood, I’ll credit or dock you Nipples points.