Multitasking comic
[[Man in hunting gear]] [[Holding a stone in both hands.]] [[Preparing himself mentally.]] [[Winding up.]] [[Throwing a stone.]] [[Two birds ricochet shot with one stone.]] Hunter: Did you see that?! Hunter: Two birds with one stone! [[Pan out to both hunters. One with large pile of birds and even bigger shared pile of stones.]] Second hunter: I've killed 100 with, I don't know... Second hunter: 500 stones? Second Hunter: Why are you saving stones? Second Hunter: We're in the business of killing birds.

1/20/16 6:50AM

The hunters (gatherers?) didn’t make that pile of stones. It was already there, constructed by an obsessive-compulsive fellow with a severe misunderstanding of the aesthetics and practical purpose of a cairn.

As for the other pile, because I knew it would would look better, I asked Will to draw each bird to be individual and unique. In my eyes, his refusal is but another in a long history of design failures.

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