Movie Night 4: In Spaces

Movie Night 4: In Spaces comic
[[Stan, Humphry, and Moron on couch watching tv all happy]] TV: The Circle of Gods sang of our meeting. Your labyrinth could never keep me from this destiny. TV: Be reasonable and release the molemen of Sha'ngri-la from the hypnostone's mindshackles before it's too late. [[Stan arms around other backs. Pan to the right.]] TV: What was once your legion of bearcat warriors now kneels before me, Verstickla. So too shall you. [[Close up of coffee table with illegible dvd case.]] TV: Now accept my lance into your cavernous womb. TV: Oooh. Aaaah. Yeah baby. Suck it. Suck that lance. [["The Dragoons of Sam's Poonana" jewel case tilted on the table. Overly busy porn cover with clipped imagery including King David flying his lance and fish into a woman's spread legs]] TV: [[just a tv bubble from the side]] Don't stop! I'm gonna, I'M GONNA. TV: KIRIKI!

3/27/11 7:39AM

San Fernando Valley bigwigs struggled to find a worthy spoof title for The Dragoons of Santa Ana. Most likely more work than they put into the shoddy dialogue. Then again, the quality is practically indiscernible from the original. Explosions and boobs let screenwriters get away with murder.

Should I have appended a NSFW tag to the title? Are there enough of you reading at work to necessitate it? If so, is this even risque enough to require it? Can this paragraph consist solely of questions? No.

I want to believe that Smoodge and Mo approved this movie because they’re completionists and not because they’re into creepy group viewing of pornography. On the other hand, Humphry’s there for the boobs and couldn’t care less who’s with him.