Kalima comic
[[Mo with some pained face tied to a post]] Offpanel: Kalima. [[diagonal, split panel]] [[Closeup of hand with outstretched fingers partially into chest]] [[Closeup above elbow to hand holding bleeding heart]] Kalima! Humphry: KALIMA! [[ next to tied up clay Mo, hand in the air, headdress]] Mo: What the hell?! [[Stanislav bursts in door, holding a boxes of clay, wearing beret. Mo hands on head.]] Stan: Really? Stan:Again? Stan:I just finished sculpting that. Humphry: You know I own this headdress. How do you expect me to resist when you insist on stuffing them full of chicken hearts?

2/16/11 1:27AM

Humphry is my so-called representation in our strip. Though I take exception to this claim (I’m less cranky, he has prettier hair) I can’t say I’d behave differently here. I hope that any rational person would purchase Indiana Jones memorabilia that cool. And owning the headdress, I’d jump at an opportunity to replicate the proper use of said hat. The real question is what sort of creepy hetero man-crush is Smoodge harboring for our resident mime? As Smoodge is your embodiment, what’s this saying about you, Will?

Want to frighten your friends? Try surprising someone with the Kalima heart grab and the accompanying shout. I promise, it’s twice as uncomfortable as what you’re imagining.



2/16/11 1:39AM

While I’m fighting this diarrhea out of me, I say what better use of my time then to join in on the blogging. Just because such is the complexity of life, there’s not just always two sides of the story, there’s also a third. Well, always having a third necessitates always having a second. I am here to mischievously reveal 16 behind-the-scenes info about Ding Dong Dantes, the REAL name of the website (15 more,) that will convince the entire readership that this comic is not worth reading. There’s a sad story behind my intentions, in case you were wondering.

That said, I have to go to the bathroom again.

Give ‘em the business,



2/16/11 1:39AM

We grant you the honor of posting on our blog, and this is the drivel you submit. Way to make it abundantly clear that English is your second language. Though I do like that mystery floating comma at the end of your parenthetical.



2/16/11 5:12PM

I think the diarrhea Dave has been fighting out of his system made its way onto his keyboard, because his post is nothing short of pure shit. Being sick is no excuse for producing that literary disease.

In other news, say goodbye to our armless character models. From now on your three favorite… um… circus-themed hooligans? are going to sport thick, juicy limbs. No more stick arms! If you’re a friend of us on facebook or if you read our most recent Valentine’s strips, then you’ve already seen the new models. If you haven’t done either or both of these things, then you aren’t a true fan and I’ll have nothing to do with you.

In other other news, this awesome comic that I like to read makes mention of nipples, which I’m currently pretending is a subtle shout-out to Up to my Nipples.