JCVD comic
[[In talk show studio]] [[Stan clearly interrupting]] Humphry: Speaking of leeches, I was watching that sweet leech scene in Speed Stan: 2: Cruise Control Humphry: And for the first time in my life I longed for the mediocre acting of Keanu Stan: Reeves, thespian extraordinaire. [[Stan a little closer looking eager to butt in]] Humphry: Really? At best, he was passable in Stan: Constantine. The story of a man that has literally been to Hell and back. Humphry: That sounds like the Stan: Tagline. It is. I have the DVD in my lap. [[Stan staring at Humphry ready to interrupt]] [[Humphry staring back]] [[Still face to face]] Humphry: Yadda yadda famous poet John Stan: Claude Van Damme. Humphry: Nonsense! He wasn't a poet. Stan: But he WAS famous. Humphry: Sure, but he never wrote Stan: Poetry. Stan: Except when he did. Stan: With his fists.

2/23/11 3:20AM

Back to the studio. Humphry decided to spruce up for the occasion. Included in the outfit are new arms. Non stick-arms. Hooray artistic growth!

There was a brief leech moratorium after our storyline of related antics. We are, however, still within the strict “speaking of leeches” timeframe.

Nipples points to anyone who can guess through stream of consciousness analysis which “John” Humphry was actually thinking of.



2/23/11 4:05PM

Jesse’s nipples-points question is absurd. There are so many famous poets with the first name John. I don’t even remember what John he was supposed to be thinking about, and I co-wrote the comic. Was it John Dryden? Jonathan Swift? John Wilmot, Second Earl of Rochester? Yes, I do happen to be taking a class on 18th century English poets, and yes, Jonathan Swift did write poetry.



2/23/11 10:39PM

While drawing this one, Willy and I battled over whether or not the DVD case should be visible in Smoodge’s lap. We quite literally disrupted the whole house with our shouting as to whether or not the DVD could be entirely occluded by the armrest and still on his lap, etc. It got so out of hand that Ding Dong David, our resident King Solomon, had to step in and mediate. I’m not going to fuel the fire by coming out and saying who won, but let’s just say it was “the one with far more succulent nipples.”