Glory Glory Hallelujah

Glory Glory Hallelujah comic
[[Young boy drilling a hole into a wall in what could be a stall]] [[Window of confessional booth opens up]] Priest: My child. Stop that at once. What spirit has overcome you? Boy: Sorry, Father. I'm just making a Hallelujah hole. Priest: It's called a glory hole, and I don't think you understand how it works. Priest: [[interrupting]] Oop. Priest: Apparently you do.

9/10/11 11:52PM

Will and I weren’t sure whether the glory hole was prevalent enough a concept to base a comic around. So as would any two good academics, we took a poll which just so happened to include our parents. The results were quite astounding. Neither of my parents had ever heard the term. I don’t believe my father; he isn’t one to hold back a raunchy joke or flinch at the site of boob. It just seems like the sort of thing a man like that would stumble upon throughout his many years. My mother’s terror, however, was right in character.

In stark contrast, Will’s parents were right at home with the idea. Not only did they go into explicit details about the nature of the fetish, but afterward tied it right in with its glassblowing alternate definitions. From what I can tell, Will is the prude of that family.