Bricked House

Bricked House comic
[[Mo, Stan sitting on couch staring forward. Two windows visible one broken. Mo staring at brick]] Humphry: Who did this? Humphry: Why are you guys just sitting there? Humphry: This is NOT okay! [[Brick crashes through other window.]] Mo: We tried. Stan: There's no stopping him. [[Red panda upright, looking on with adorable eyes. Next to pile of bricks.]] [[Red panda, upside down on back like a puppy that wants to play, looking still. Humphry: I'm physically incapable of anger. Panda: Suck it, Clown!

9/14/11 3:00AM

Humphry’s not typically a man of action, but bricking his house might get him up and moving. Unless, of course, he’s up against a red panda. Can you blame him? You’ve got to be a robot or this guy to withstand the cute-bomb blast that is a red panda. I mean, seriously.