Diary of a Castle Guard (3/3)

Diary of a Castle Guard (3/3) comic
August 15th I must have done something right though, because I was quickly promoted to armory inspector. [[Nigel's legs stick out of cannon. Guard pushing him in.]] Nigel: This one checks out. Guard: Are you sure? You'd best look down a bit further. Guard: Here, let me help you. ...Due to an unfortunate accident, I was violently jettisoned from the castle walls... [[Tattered Nigel flying through air next to bluebird.]] ...I decided the life of a castle guard was too dangerous for my tastes and planned to pursue a career as a vagrant troubadour instead. My departure was met with fond farewells. [[Nigel in front of castle with a bindle stick. Talking to guard in distance.]] Guard: The Duke says you'll be shot on sight if you ever come back! August 16th Tomorrow begins my life on the road, which is sure to be full of exciting new adventures. [[Nigel whistling down road. Two sets of eyes in a nearby bush.]] Robber 1: Should we kill him then rob him or rob him then kill him? Robber 2: Shhh! Quiet, he's coming.

4/13/11 3:02AM

Thus ends the life and times of Nigel the castle guard. What, you didn’t know his name was Nigel? Then you clearly haven’t seen the high quality pdf of the whole tale that we’ve kindly made available free of charge. Though, I can’t conceive of a reason you’d want it.

In a rare admiration of Will’s work, I’ma point out some details that I had nothing to do with. The coat of arms is great; is the lord of the castle The Duke Of Radish? I hope so. Also, using the head covering of the chain mail as a hoodie (you might need to look at the previous one to see it) is just crazy enough to be part of a luxury fashion house’s Spring line.