Crowd-Make-Funding comic
[[Fat black kid in a ridiculous muumuu.]] [[Crowd of other kids watching.]] Rufus: Stop it! Rufus: Stop picking on me! Rufus: It's not my fault my family can't afford new clothes. [[Circle of kids EXACTLY the same.]] [[Fat kid in hand over head arm outstretched melodrama pose.]] Rufus: NO! Rufus: Don't push me! Rufus: I'm just trying to be a good person. What do you want from me!? [[Girl from crowd with hand on fat kid's chest.]] Other kid: Leave us alone, weirdo. [[Fat kid holding camera.]] Rufus: Perfect. [[Indiegogo Page]] [[Video with play thing in the middle stopped exactly where the other kid is pushing him.]] [[$8 raised of $100,000 Goal] Let's Give Rufus - The Fat Kid - An Island Without Bullies!

6/27/12 6:14AM

Unexpected windfalls awaken the cynic in me. Especially, as in the case of Mrs. Karen H. Klein, the now famously abused bus monitor, when said windfall comes via interweb pathos. Even if she’d only stumbled on a couple grand, a local station would have a feel-good story to sandwich between news of heinous crimes and falling stock prices. When she’s, instead, about to pocket upwards of a cool half million, the business-savvy and morally-unsavvy are essentially required to take notice, and future charitable efforts with similar smell acquire a burden of proof.

The muumuu is a tribute to the Simpsons, without which, I may never have known the name of such a wondrous piece of obese-friendly attire.