Chocolate Lab

Chocolate Lab comic
[[Woman feeding big dog chocolate.]] Woman: Who wants a treat? You do. Yes, you do. Man: (off panel) What are you doing?! [[Beer bellied man in stained wife beater, one hand below panel]] Man: Don't give him chocolate. Man: It'll kill him. [[Happy dog, near bottom of woman's legs.]] Woman: Hardly. It may take a while to process, but a little chocolate won't hurt him. Woman: Besides, look how much he likes it. [[Man taking sip from his beer.]] Man: Who cares if he likes it? Man: You don't eat poison for fun.

2/22/12 1:25AM

I’m not saying it’s good for them, just that people tend to overreact. But don’t take my word for it. Not that her logic, “he likes it,” is much better. Dog’d also lap up antifreeze like it were sugar water which it supposedly tastes like (in case the bonus panel eluded you).

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