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[[Gretchen hovering over a pram.]] Gretchen: Awww, what a cute baby! Gretchen: Look at his puffy little cheeks. [[Angry mother]] Mom: His cheeks are puffy because he has Lyme disease.

3/27/13 4:00PM

This one’s for Will’s graduate school paramour, Gretchen, whose visage and bangs appear in the comic due to her visage and bangs appearing in real life where this incident also occurred. What she failed to tell us at first, is that the child was not, in fact, a baby, and instead, a seven year old boy. Seriously, Gretchen, who tells kids that they have adorably puffy cheeks? Are you training to be a grandmother already?

It caught me off-guard that Lyme Disease wasn’t diagnosed until the late 70s and not really figured out until the early 80s. I’m not being clever and omitting the first two year digits to be ambiguous; I genuinely mean the 1980s. Outdoorsie and backwoodsie ailments like Lyme Disease feel as old as time. It doesn’t have the modernity and relative hipness, of say, AIDS. I mean, you’re not going to see a smash Broadway hit about it.

But if someone needs such a musical written, know that I’m your man. Maybe I’ll let Will help.

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