Broken Record

Broken Record comic
[[Insultor looking angry.]] Insultee: You look angry. Insultee: I take it you've learned I'm the one who's been hiding the bees in your GameCube. Insultor: You asparagus-snatching-purple-livered-Sissy-Spacek. Insultee: What did you call me?! Insultor: I called you... Insultor: ..an asparagus-snatching... Insultor: ...purple-livered... Insultor: ...Sissy-Spacek. [[Insultee brushing it off.]] Insultee: That's not the first time I've been called that. [[pointing up at the other panel]] Insultor: Malarky! Who's *ever* called you that before? Insultee: You. Four panels ago.

2/3/16 5:12AM

Yep. More bees.

This conversation played out mostly word for word with my one-and-a-half-handed friend, Rick. I say mostly because I have no recollection of the actual insult he volleyed my way. In fact, I’m quite sure I never heard it at all. When I sensed an aspersion approaching, I mentally constructed my retort and ignored the rest. Top shelf cleverness requires focus, leaving little attention to spare for my interlocutor. Later, when I informed Rick of the soon-to-be comic, he demanded to know what insult we had used instead. His response: “I’ve been called that before.” Touche.

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