Bristine Condition

Bristine Condition comic
[[Mohel with traditional scarf. Baby swaddled and held with back to panel.]] Mohel: So as ordained by the Lord, our God, in this, the 8th day of James' life... [[Baby on table, mohel cutting.]] Mohel: ...we take up the holy izmel and smite the blasphemous skin of the fore. Mohel: ...hmm... Mohel: I said, smite the skin of the fore. Mohel: Smite, God damn it. [[Focus on wolverine baby.]] Mohel: Mr Howlett, I'm afraid this child cannot be circumcised.

6/6/12 2:09PM

My new excuse for short blog post is a blue and busted thumb. Either I learn to touch type with my left hand like the creepiest Omegle users, or we try to cut this short. (WOO! Comic related pun!)

I hope you like comics about comics (and penises). However, if you didn’t, learning more about Michigan’s state mammal and its many powers may help.

We’re aware Wolverine’s not Jewish. But almost everything comedic is made better by the addition of Judaism. Even if we don’t know enough about Judaism to write the dialogue; that is the most Christian sounding mohel ever. It seems like we took a priest, taught him a couple jewish words, gave him a scarf, and told him to get to snippin’.