Alex (3/3)

Alex (3/3) comic
[[Desperate looking Alex]] Whether he was a she or 'twas she who was he Was now of concern to Miss Mister Von Phee. She still had to pee, you see. Had to pee! [[italics]] Had to pee! Had to PEE! PEE! PEE! PEE! [[Bursting out of door]] Alex burst out the bathroom and flew through the crowd. [[angled]]Attention! Attention!" she shouted aloud. [[Crowd staring at Alex with pants down]] With everyone watching, all gathered around She pulled down his pants and went on the ground. [[Alex pointing accusingly off to distance]] "Look what I've done!" "What you've made me do!" "If this happens again" "It will be number two."

6/8/11 5:47AM

Yep, all that build up for a poop joke. The best damn poop joke I’ve ever been part of, but a poop joke nonetheless. Still unsatisfied? Well, it’s the journey not the destination. And this journey’s been potty humor the whole way through.

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