A Tense Police Matter

A Tense Police Matter comic
[[Hand on gun.]] Officer: Step out of the vehicle. Narrator: Moments earlier. [[Officer talking from outside car.]] Officer: I'm going to have to ask you to step outside the vehicle. Narrator: Earlier still. [[Officer following in his cop car.]] Officer: I'm going to have [[bold]]to have[[bold]] to ask him to step outside the vehicle.

3/11/12 5:45AM

See, we hooked you with low-brow urination jokes on Wednesday just to keep you around for the the higher brow grammar jokes on Sunday. We’re like a gateway drug into education.

Once again, reddit ruled the day, and we almost doubled our hits record yesterday. Hip hip hooray! Keep telling your friends and spreading the good nipples word. In return, I’ll give you more misdirected searches:

  1. “is nambla serious”: I’ve always wondered the same thing myself. Tell you what; you go find out and report back to me.
  2. “labeled breads”: I have no idea what you were looking, and only marginally understand how you ended up on my site.
  3. “person penis”: Since your first few searches for plain “penis” brought up nothing but horse dongs, eh?

On the up and up,