Utittytarianism comic
Girl: Professor, in supporting a rule based morality, you've neglected the simple logic of Utilitarianism. Why not take actions that benefit the most people? [[Smug professor.]] Professor: Why not show the class your breasts? Girl: Because Utilitarianism requires aggregated benefit. You can't know my embarrassment won't outweigh whatever momentary pleasure might ensue. [[The rest of the class looking on eagerly.]] Professor: Yes we can.

2/29/12 3:30AM

We’ve done enough fart and sex jokes to last a lifetime (I’d link, but you might as well click the random button). So have a philosophy joke. Albeit, one that involves boobies!

The original version dove into the philosophical nitty-gritty; we decided to tone it down a bit. I suspect the majority of you aren’t as interested in the differences between deonotogical and utilitarian based ethics as I am. However, my statistics tell me that roughly seventy percent of you are into boobies!

That last panel without dialogue also accurately reflects the common reaction to a white girl in an upper level math/computer science course.


P.S. We updated the FAQ a little bit if that’s your thing. Also, you guys should FA more Qs to populate it.