The Hyena

The Hyena comic
[[Clown handing hairy balloon animal to kid]] Boy: This isn't a dog. Humphry: Rounded ears, disgusting scraggly back hair. Humphry: It looks just like a hyena. Boy: But I want a dog! Humphry: Kid, it IS a dog. [["Science is Fun" booth]] Scientist: Actually, while often thought of as a type of dog, the hyena is, technically speaking, a malformed cat-beast. Humphry: Then why the hell didn't it get its own Thundercat. From the sound of it, it's twice the cat Snarf was. [[combined thought bubble of kid and Humphry]] [[Disgusting Thundercat Hyeno, prominent thundercat symbol]] Boy: Ewww! Gross. Humphry: Oh. Humphry: That's why.


Hello World! Welcome to our new comic brainchild. Yes, we know all about the preexisting glut of webcomics, but we’re going through with this anyway. For now, to make sure that we can keep up, we’re updating once a week on Wednesdays. We hope to see you back soon.

Our website is a work in progress, so please let us know if you have any advice for or issues with the page.

- The Clowns


11/11/10 2:33PM

In the rock music world some say that you should almost never tell the audience that you’ve made a mistake, since most of them didn’t notice anyway (and would rather think all sounded great). But when you’re trying to attract the sort of discerning audience that we are, it’s nothing short of effrontery to assume they won’t. It boggles my mind that I spent so much time on the site and ignored the glaring mistake in the middle of the REAL content. That typo is the bane of my existence, and it will be fixed by evening.

UPDATE: Fixed.

- The Clowns