The Best Policy

The Best Policy comic
[[Two guys in elevator. One staring angrily at other. The other looking forward.]] [[Second guy now looking at first. Guy: What!? Guy: I didn't fart. Guy: I'd tell you if I farted.

12/11/11 3:47AM

Have we alienated the fairer and arguably less gassy sex who rarely need to cite well established correlations between dealing and smelling? Or just everyone from the elusive humor in this joke.

Anyhow, in Will and my estimation every guy has spoken this comic’s words verbatim. Worse still, they’ve probably, at least once, lied about it. Except me. I’d never do that. If you’re willing to lie about farting you’re just as willing to lie about lying about farting. I like to keep all of my lying third order.

On Wednesday, our character strips make their long awaited return with a string of nonsensical adventures.

See you then,

P.S. Don’t forget about the bonus panel button. I plan on keeping the bonus panels pretty regular, but I’m rarely going to set them up in the blog.