Rock A Bye

Rock A Bye comic
[[Mother cradling baby, father smoking pipe]] [[Cradling other way]] [[Mother hurls baby, man drops pipe]] [[Man running, speed lines]] [[Man laying out to catch baby]] [[Man holding up baby with face against ground]] Line Judge: Sixty-five metres! [[Award podium. Couple takes second. Strongman and monkey take first. Scientist and cannon take third. All with trophies]]

3/13/11 8:42AM

A discerning reader might claim “65 metres? Impossible!” Yes, it’s nearly three times the world shotput record. However, anyone who’s tossed an infant or two knows the arms and legs make it FAR closer to a hammer throw. And for the hammer throw, 65 is merely respectable.

I’m away this weekend, and too lazy to prattle on much longer. Maybe Willy will entertain you. I’ll just leave you with some hammer throws of questionable quality. Probably why it’s banned in most high schools.