Immodest Proposal

Immodest Proposal comic
[[Stanislav lying provocatively on rug in front of fire, women's legs, high heels, pinching nipple]] Stan: Oh, I didn't see you come in. Stan: I think we've both seen this coming for a long time. Stan: Questions is: Stan: what are we going to do about it?

12/18/10 11:43PM

For the Sunday special, we decided to let our scrollbar help with the comedic timing. We’ve had this written for a while now, and Wednesday’s depiction of Smoodge’s sexual prowess made today an ideal time to release it. Some of you guys have already seen a primitive version that we hid in a secret directory, but hey, we only claim to post on Wednesdays and Somedays. Any complainers should count their lucky stars that come Sunday we don’t just put up pictures of our poop. Primarily because the internet regrettably has far too many outlets for that already.

Considering Smoodge is a male hippopotamus, I’m a tad disturbed by him donning those heels.



12/19/10 12:02PM

Is that really the only thing that disturbs you here?