Washington Crossing the Sea Monster

Washington Crossing the Sea Monster comic
[[Giant squid attacks Washington Crossing the Delaware]]

01/23/11 12:00AM

Most American historians omit the giant squid attacks from their descriptions of Washington’s Christmas ambush. In reality, it’s not that the Hessians weren’t prepared, it’s that up to then their well-trained kraken sentinels had never failed them. Through the magic of PR, we now misattribute America’s success to Washington’s cunning.

While trying to design Humphry’s bedroom decor, this accidentally sprung forth. It might sound like we’re patting ourselves on the back here, but we think it’ll make a cool poster or desktop background. Anybody (other than us) want one? Even if you don’t feel like branding yourself with our drawings, the image looks cooler at a finer resolution, so you should check it out. It’s far easier to see the individual bits of havoc the kraken is wreaking.

Researching the original painting, I stumbled upon this sonnet. It’s so impressive I had no choice but to relay it to you.