Uncharitable comic
[[Panda at door with briefcase.]] Panda: Care to donate to my uncharity? Panda: We file frivolous lawsuits against regular charities to drain their funds. Panda: Imagine! Your five dollars can help keep food from the mouth of a starving African. Humphry: Why would anyone ever[[interrupted]] Panda: Donate and I'll let you hold me. [[Humphry holding panda, really happy.]] Humphry: Best ten dollars I've ever spent.

9/18/11 3:00AM

If I had a smidgen of artistic ability, I’d have tried to draw a bonus panel of questionable content. Luckily for y’all and y’all’s sensitive eyes, I’m well aware of my lack of such a smidgen. Oh wait, I don’t give three hoots about your eyes!


Facebook indicates we’ve had a recent influx of young female fans. If you are real people interested in pants jokes and drawn to our comic by evil but adorable red pandas: WELCOME! If not, who are you spambots posing as poor girlish naifs? Anyway, some of these newbs have pushed our fan count closer and closer to bonus comic terrain. Why don’t you be the hero of the day and get us all the way there?