The Power of Cheese 3: Lactose Intolerants

The Power of Cheese 3: Lactose Intolerants comic
[[Man contorted away from an opened door, covering his mouth/nose, a men's bathroom sign, another exiting]] Man: Ugh! Sweet...ah...oh, jesus! Brad, you've gotta come smell this. [[Close up of a pristine toilet]] Banner: Ahh, the Power of Cheese.

1/21/11 8:16AM

A bonus power of cheese and the last we’ll be discussing for a while. This one’s a shoutout to all the lactose intolerants out there. In your situation, I wouldn’t be long for this world.

Who, you ask, is this organization that could afford to release prime-time commercials for cheese? They call themselves the American Dairy Association, but I find it hard to believe that cheese farmers country-wide have agreed on the proper public image for their product. I imagine something more nefarious: a cut throat, king-of-the-hill scenario in which only the mightiest curd-herders get a say.



1/21/11 8:38AM

Nipples-points for anyone who can correctly guess the kind of cheese I’m thinking of right now. Only one guess per person. I advise you all take nipples-points seriously, we are. Jesse is keeping track and the future holds a leader board and prizes.



1/21/11 8:53AM

I might have spoken too harshly of the ADA in my previous post. Any organization that produces this is okay by my book.