On the Fritz

On the Fritz comic
[[Close up of cat stretching for mouse under a stove.]] Pet Owner: Fritzy, I know you saw a mouse run under the stove, but waiting there's not gonna make him come out any faster. [[Man split leg over the cat, frying.]] Pet Owner: Fritz, you gotta move. [[Man butt out legs far away. Both feet behind the cat.]] Pet Owner: Fritz! [[Lying across two stools set up behind Fritz.]] Pet Owner: *grumble* [[Man reaching under the stove himself. Whole arm under.]] Pet Owner: ...almost gotcha... [[Man starting under stove next to cat staring under stove.]]

4/3/2013 5:15AM

As a denizen of the internet, there’s no question you’re an expert on cats, so I know you know that’s not how a proper cat would wait for a mouse, but instead how it might stretch. Adorably. Before attacking your face. Or a laser pointer dot. Or just being grumpy. Or whatever else cats on the web are doing these days. What’s important is that I know the cat shouldn’t be doing that, so if you plan to complain, at least make fun of me for something else while you’re at it.

Today’s relevant trivia: Fritz the Cat was the first X-rated animated feature.

Nipples Out,