Movie Night 3D

Movie Night 3D comic
[[roadsign title screen from Mulholland Dr]] [[Humphry on right happier than ever]] [[sitting on couch, Moron and Stan look like they're anticipating, sideways glances]] TV: What are you doing? We don't stop here. [[A love scene from The Dragoons of Santa Ana]] King David: I know our tribes forbid it, but i love you, goddamnit. Vershtickle: KIRIKI! Humphry [[furious]]: You taped over Mulholland Drive! Stan: With The Dragoons of Santa Ana! Stan: which WE agreed is an infinitely superior film. [[chasing them with Stan's battle-axe]] Mo: He's found your battle axe! Run! Humphry: KIRIKI!

3/23/11 2:17AM

Part 3 of the series, and another opportunity for our roommate, Dingdong David, to show off his acting chops. It’ll take a might fine performance to convert The Dragoons of Santa Ana into something even moderately watchable.

This strip’s sort of anarchronistic, eh? I hope y’all are old enough to recognize that there existed a time when movies could be “taped over.” Maybe Mulholland Dr. wasn’t the best choice; it wasn’t released until well into the DVD era. It is, however, a fine example of over-the-top artiness. And unlike Brazil before it, it’s probably not entertaining unless you’re really into analysis or lesbian dream sequences.

I’m hesitant to link to our ugly early work, but I need to remind you that Stan’s battleaxe has made a previous appearance. Let this be an opportunity to observe how much our art has improved. But Will, don’t let this boost your ego. The second I catch you slacking, I’m replacing you altogether with cheap asian laborers.



3/24/11 12:21AM

Cheap Asian labor? If you’re okay with the drawing style they’re likely to utilize, then go ahead. On the other hand, anime girls are way hotter than anything I can render. Heck, with their giant eyes and perfect skin, they may even be sexier than real girls.