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In British Units comic
[[Internal view of Hippo's rectum. Clear view of leeches. Maybe unclear what the whole picture is representing]] Mo: [[offpanel]] Yup. [[Stan bending over, Mo behind him with grill tongs and maglight]] Mo: You've got mad leeches. Mo: That's what you get when you pick up hippos from the side of the road. Stan: That leecherous hussy! Humphry: Mad leeches, eh? That could mean five or five-hundred. Stan: Or pissed-off. [[as an aside]] Stan: Get Stan: them Stan: out. Mo: I don't know the exact count. Mo: His butt is jam-packed with leeches. [[Stan holding up Mo and Humphry by the collars]] Humphry: Would you say the amount's closer to an ass-load or a shit-ton? Mo: Which is bigger? Humphry: I think that depends on the ass. Stan: Get them out now. [[behind other dialogue]]

1/30/11 3:52PM

Smoodge’s scrawny stick arms do look out of place hoisting up the weight of two grown men, but I promise you, despite their stature, they retain all the strength you’ve come to expect from hippopotami.

If this whole escapade proves anything, it’s that Quakers don’t know a top-notch hippo from a hole in the wall. Sorry ladies, Smoodge is no longer STD free. Another story for his next game of Never Have I Ever.

Usually, the expressions “shit-ton” and “ass-load” really nettle my grundle though neither as much as “fuck-ton”. Yet in this setting they’re surprisingly appropriate, so I’ll let em slide.