Do You Love Me

Do You Love Me comic
[[Man dancing]] Man: I can Mash-Potato. [[Other way]] Man: And I can do The Twist. [[Man doing a tada with hands]] Man: So tell me baby, do you like it like this? [[Zoom out, boombox and woman revealed]] Woman: Do you still buy hookers twice a week? Man: Sure. Woman: And fart in your sleep? Man: Indubitably Woman: Then no, dancing has brought nothing to the table.

3/30/11 2:45AM

It was in this way that The Contours misguided an entire generation of broken-hearted men. That is, unless their goal was to propagate faddish dances to create an army of rhythmically inclined young men. Men whose fiercely competitive dance-offs decided the fate and direction of mankind. That or The Contours foretold of a day when Patrick Swayze would really need to bring the heat.

On a less ridiculous note, listening (more carefully) to some of this era’s R&B songs brought to my attention how surprisingly similar the screaming/singing is to that of certain genres of heavy rock. If a quality combination of the two already exists, please direct me to it. If not, why the hell isn’t somebody (preferably with more musical talent than me) making this happen?



3/30/11 8:52PM

By far the most difficult part of drawing this particular comic was deciding which Contour to draw. The general rule for this sort of thing is to pick whichever guy looks the goofiest. However, especially in this particular photograph , they each look cartoonish in their own special way. The fellow front and center was a likely choice due to his resemblance to Eddie Murphy, but we ultimately went with the guy whose eyes are pointing in different directions. In hindsight, the guy on the top right might be silliest, though there are so many things wrong with him that I’m not sure where to start.

Also, I apologize for this comic coming out about 50 years too late to be relevant. Gimme a break though, I wasn’t even alive in the 60s, though I think Jesse was, so he has no excuse.



3/30/11 9:09PM