Color Blind

Color Blind comic
[[Mario walking in on Luigi, Peach]] [[Princess Peach naked (Take that internet)]] Mario: Peach, how could you? And with my brother? Mario: Luigi, you have Daisy. She's Peach, but ghetto-fabulous. Mario: WHY!? Peach: I swear, I've been duped. He must have known I'm red-green colorblind. Mario: The 'L' on his hat? Peach: He was already naked. Mario: The flimsy mustache? Luigi: Let's leave the 'staches out of this. Mario: He's a good six inches taller! Peach: And a better six inches longer.

3/9/11 2:26AM

At some point we guaranteed more infidelity. What we didn’t guarantee is that we’d reuse the same line verbatim. Just seems like the go-to for the emotionally offended.

I worry about our use of proprietary characters, especially in such dicey situations. Then again, worst case scenario is the best case scenario: Nintendo suing us for our site’s “profit” would be great publicity.

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