Alex (2/3)

Alex (2/3) comic
[[In front of looming bathroom doors]] But come time to tinkle the others would stare. What door would he choose? Was she even aware? [[Girls at the mirror turned looking angry]] Girls mussing and fussing. Girls preening and prissing. "No boys!" when he entered, they all began hissing. [[Boys kicking in the stall]] The boys were no better, they kicked in her stall. "You don't belong here!" "No girls! "None at all!"

6/05/11 2:27 AM

My tenure as bully informed me that kicking in the stall door is never the proper assault. You’re bursting into the unknown mere feet from your enemy. For all you know, you’re entering a most literal shit storm. The educated bully’s tactic is one of projectile. Wet paper towels can be launched accurately from all angles at the sitting duck, and the shroud of stall along with your unpredictable movements create a force near unassailable. Environmentalists may extol the economic and ecological virtues of air dryers until they’re blue in the face, but you and I know damn well that those reasons had nothing to do with the transition. A nerd can only take so many sopping wads to the face before enough is enough.