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[[driving in car, hippo on roof, Mo leaning back seat]] Humphry: ..and that's why you can never use my shoehorn again. Stan: Aww, c'mon. [[hands up]] Mo: Yo guys, hold up, check this out. Mo: Smoodge, pull up next to this woman. [[Car stopped, Moron leaning out window talking to woman sidewalk]] Mo: Excuse me. Mo: Can you tell me how to get... Mo: ...how to get to Sesame Street? Woman: Absolutely. Follow this to Danby, take a left, and you'll see it on your right. You can't miss it. [[Back in car. Stanislav and Humphry turned around staring at Mo. Mo head down, embarrassed]] [[Mo still embarrassed in the back]] Stan: So, really, I'm banned from your shoehorn!? Humphry: Three strikes, you're out. Stan: Strike two's a farce. They're called water moccasins. How was I to know?

1/16/11 12:02AM

Hooray non sequitur.

I tried this stunt on some unsuspecting pedestrians to the chagrin of my co-passengers. I was so proud of devising it, my inner-child demanded it be introduced to the world. Believe it or not, no one else enjoyed it a bit. Once they realized what I had done, the pedestrians were pissed and my car-mates were mortified. The only reasonable course of action was to give it another go here. Another failure by the looks of it.

I adore Sesame Street for a million and one reasons. Like the theme song and this one. If there’s a better way to count, I’ve never heard it.